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Thursday, February 05, 2009



That is a great HILL!!!!


LOL...are your kids going down sled-less?!? :) That's my kind of weather! I can't tell you how many hills like that I sledded on in my youth. many of them had ponds on the end that we'd sled out onto. (As a parent, this strikes horror in my heart today!)


UM, sledding or slidding?:) That is a GINORMOUS hill - and I don't seem to see any sleds, nor did they seem necessary! FUN!


Golly....that is a great looking hill. I would've been so jealous of a hill like that. Looks like a great time.

Karen Oglesby

that is a huge hill.. hope you didn't have to climb it too!
Looks like a blast.... hope you have school sometime in the near future.. because come June you are going to be dreading these additional days- I know because it's happened to us!


Wow, that is one big hill. Looks like the girls had fun sliding down..did they have fun climbing back up??? Love the pix.


That is one GIANT hill......looks like a blast!


Looks colder at your house than at our FREEZE without snow has about destroyed my baby orange trees....=(

School tomorrow??

Polar Bear

Oh My Goodness that looks like fun!!!
Your pictures are great!!


What a fantastic hill ... and it looks like fun was had by all!!

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