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Saturday, April 11, 2009



Your dinners look yummy? Where do you find the recipes?

Congrats on the weight loss! That is so awesome!



WOW! All of that looks soooo good! Where did you get the receipes? Make them up? I am totally impressed and even more impressed that you excersize every day. Good for you.


Ummmmmm.......YUM!!!!! Please share your recipes with us!!!! And do your girls eat this?? If so, how do you convince them to do so?? It's mac and cheese all the way for my two!!

Polar Bear


Where do you find your recipes. Each one looks wonderful!

Congrats on the weight loss. That's fantastic!


You need to start a cooking blog as that ALL looks YUMMY!! Please post a few of your recipes:)


Please share the recipes! We try to eat healthy and I won't cook just kid food, but getting inspiration for new things to make is hard. Your recipes look inspiring!


You need to start a blog for your recipes. Everything looks totally yummy. David would have a heart attack (G-d forbid) if I asked him to serve those meals. What can I say? I'm married to an ex-butcher. My guy lives for his red meat.


Looks delish! I was hoping for reciepes too.


Good for you!!!

I am on a quest to lose some pounds. All those fertility drugs really made me gain weight rapidly. Your meals look so delicious and healthy. I hope you'll share some recipes, too.


I am so impressed! They look delicious!
And your girls like all of them? recipes please!


Yum! Would you be willing to share your crab cake recipe? Carson has started asking for a grilled tilapia fillet in addition to his regular meal. :)

Hey, we ate at a German restaurant and I had some delicious carrot soup. It was somehow a mix between a broth based and cream based soup. You don't know of a recipe for "German" carrot soup, do you?


Yum....can't wait to come visit:)


Oh yum!! Where do you get your recipes from??


Ok -
they look so yummy! I think we need some recipes!!!! The first two look sooo good!


I so wish I enjoyed cooking... all those dishes look amazing... Good for you 16lb's...

What are you doing for exercise????



Yum... You are inspiring me to cook healthy... how did you get the girls to eat it??? Madison and Taylor are picky eaters!!!
so where can I find that Tilapia and chicken recipes?? those look like my favs!

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