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Saturday, April 11, 2009



That very cute.. messy but cute...


Susan gave Erin a makeup pack for Chanukah one year. I warned her to be careful because retaliation was on its way. I have to plan carefully. I hid that present & now can't find it. Now I wish I hadn't hidden it. I'd have some cute pics.

Instead I get to look at your gorgeous girls in all their glittery fun. :-)


There's nothing cuter than a sparkly little girl. :) Spicy Girl got make up for Christmas too, but no catastrophes yet.


Aww, that's just one of the perks of having daughters. I <3 glitter--I mean, what girl doesn't? Let 'em have fun w/ glitter while they still squeal over it. :)


That glitter is a nightmare! Amelia's cousin Katie dusts her with it every time they play dress up and it's impossible to get it out of her hair!
Oh - but Tahlia and Jazzie do look really cute:)

Polar Bear

Pixie Dust ~ How cute!!

You're going to see glitter for weeks I bet! ;o)

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


Ugh, Santa made the same mistake at our house. That crap is like glue that never washes out. I just let Elise use my makeup to play (what little I have) because at least I know I can wash it off her face.


Awww...sparkly Easter bunnies. I like the pixie dust (of course, it helps that it's not all over my carpet....yet) :0)

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Susan S.

I absolutely HATE glitter. Mia thinks I am so mean for not letting her craft with it. My parents just sent her an Easter card with glitter in it. As soon as she opened it,she had glitter all over her hands.

Good luck.


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