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Thursday, June 18, 2009



OH MY GOD!!! You look amazing!!!!!!!!

Debbie in the UK

Sondra, you must give me your diet plan and receipes. You look absolutely marvellous!!!


Two Kayaks

How much fun is that? Those cookies look amazing and so do you!


Baking with the kiddos is a lot of fun. I just wish I knew how you keep the kitchen so clean while doing it!

I love that you're taking more pics with the girls.


what fun to be cooking with Jazzie! It may take a little longer to cook with little (or not so little) ones, and sometimes a little messier but, the memories you're creating are beyond measure!


That is a GREAT pic of you and need to put that one in a frame for the hubs:)


You look so good, Sandra! You should post more pictures of yourself. As always, your cookies looks so yummy. I'm sure they taste good as they look.


Yumm.... those cookies look so good!!

Looks like you girls had lots of fun in the kitchen......cute pictures...good to see you in one:)


Yummy cookies! Sandra, you look great!


The cookies look yummy, but look hot! Way to go Sandra!


Girl, you look awesome!!!

As do the cookies!

My boyfriend is like Jazzie - the quiet, creative type who much rather be holed-up in his room than out socializing. I'm not his mother, but I've had to learn to just let him be him and stop thinking that in order for him to be happy he has to be like me. It tough though...

Polar Bear

What fun! Those cookies look fantastic. I am going to have to save that recipe. My brother was asking for a molasses cookie like our grandma made. Those look close.

You look absolutely FANTASTIC!!

Miss you tons!


Those cookies look amazing! YUM!! Glad you got some baking time in with your girl! Enjoy your reunion and camping trip.
And yes you do look amazing!


What a fun way to spend the day! We're baking cookies today as well. I'm like you...enjoy it if I can just zip through it, but have learned it is good for the girls to include them, slow down, & enjoy it.
I totally turn it into school though...measurements, thinking about where ingredients come from...ect.......


What a sweet pic of you and Jazzie. Those cookies do look delicious.


So cool


Yummmm, how fun! And I agree, you look fabulous! :)


Sandra you look spectacular - no way I could be baking and not eat most of the dough!

Amelia LOVES it outside too. I wish we lived in a neighborhood where I didn't constantly have to supervise her!


you look AWESOME! Sandra

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