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Tuesday, June 09, 2009



I used to play it A LOT when I was a child, and hope my daughter appreciates it when she's older (2 now). It was a bit difficult to find kids interested in the game, but it was lots of fun. Way to go Jazzie!


I never understood how to play that game. But seeing how concentrated Jazzie looks playing it, no wonder! I could never sit still as a child... couldn't concentrate on anything with eight siblings bothering me all the time!


I've never heard of Matermind but it does look like a fun game. And Jazzie is concentrating like a pro!


I loved this one too....seeing her with it brings back many memories!!


Too cute! I've not seen this game either. Is it math oriented?

Two Kayaks

Full circle is a very good thing. I loved Mastermind as well.

Briana's Mom

She looks like she is really enjoying herself!

I've never even seen this game before. Does Tahlia ever try it or is she to young yet?


If you get one get the Advanced model (has extra colors) yuo can always remove a color or 2 to make it easier when they first start.


I don't think we've played this game, but it looks like something Elise would enjoy. Love the pictures and the look of concentration on Jazzie's face.


Cool! Jazzie looks so cute figuring out her next move. Fun game...I should look for it for my niece.


We should get one of those.....our current favorite is Yahtzee! I'm also teaching Lindsi how to play Cribbage.....

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