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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Sweet sweet Jazzie. It's hard to think of her being defiant like that. I know she is not perfect, but I've never seen her being so out spoken like that (even if she was signing it)

I'm like you, I wonder if she feels a little isolated because she cannot hear the other children and play with them away from mom. :0(

oh yeah.. the drama... it does get SO MUCH WORSE in the teen years.. especially the tween years.


Sandra....Not sure about the pool. Can Jazzie swim?
Lindsi absolutely LOVES the pool. She seems to be even more social at the pool (except if the kids start playing Marco Polo or those types of games), then she is in other types of social settings.
We're an example of one, but in our case, the pool is not an isolating social situation.


My Gwen told me a big fat lie this morning on the way to preschool. I told her she'd be in time out after school and she must have been thinking about this all day because it was the first thing she mentioned when I picked her up after school.

They're stubborn little brilliant creatures, aren't they!


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And they say it only gets worse in the teen years - I can't wait:)


Kids... :)
(If you are on FaceBook they have UNO there that you can play with friends so tell Jazzie I would LOVE to play a game of Uno with her on FB:)

Briana's Mom

Girls can be so moody! :)


Oh my goodness, wait til she's a teenager!!!

We have some close friends who have a now grown son who had some hearing loss and required a hearing aid. He hated the pool, especially a pool with lifeguards and water parks. He couldn't hear the lifeguards blowing the whistle or giving instructions and people tended to treat him like he was dumb because he couldn't hear when they told him to get out or to stop doing something. His brothers and close friends started banding together, though, they stuck close by him and would explain to the lifeguard that he couldn't hear or they'd just tell him what he needed to do. Seemed to help. It's always hard to be different and I'm sure especially so when people think you're just ignoring them.


Hmph - you have two daughters! You're going to have drama coming out of your ears! :oD

I think you may be right about Jazzie not liking the pool because she's unable to hear. I know that if every time I went somewhere I lost one of my senses, that place would hardly be on my Top 10 Things I Love To Do list, ya know?

Great observation, Mom!!


It sounds good that she accepts two implants! I am sure that she thinks the implants is very important for her life.

I also wonder on her status. I understand that she wish she was not deaf. However, I wish I was her ;P! Because she can hear well ! \

Anyway, wish all of you to have great summer vacation ;)

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