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Monday, July 20, 2009


Fernando Severns

You're right. The effect of the vibration of an alarm can make someone sleepy to be awake. Although, there are some instances that it can lull us to sleep as well. In Jazzie's case, a more upgraded alarm features like brighter lights, louder sirens or stronger vibrations would be better to wake her from sleep and respond easily.


Your blog is beautiful. I'm profoundly deaf myself but wear a CI to help me hear. I was wondering how did you exactly get that vibrating fire alarm thing? Did you just contact the fire department and ask them to install it? Do you know if all fire departments do that? I might be living on my own soon, so I need something like this.

The Gang's Momma

Thanks for posting this. Li'l Empress is deaf only in the right ear but this makes me think that we need some additional or alternative alert system. I'm not going as drastic as a dog (not necessary for her and right now just feels like another mouth to feed!) but I think I will contact my local fire dept. for a chit chat. Thank you so much.

Here from No Hands But Ours by the way!


That's the same one we have. Unfortunately I have no idea if it would wake Lindsay or not... she won't let me turn it on. She thinks there will be a fire if it is turned on. No matter how much we talk about it she is still afraid of it. She did mention not too long ago that she would like to have an alarm clock. Maybe I need to go that route to try it out. I'm right there with you on your fears on this topic!


Haha, too funny that Jazzie could not be waken up by it. I think she need to a dog for help...perhaps is okay for her =)


My kids sleep through our burglar alarm going off (thankfully a false alarm). My son used to sleep through being picked up and carried to the car and driven to grandmas and offloaded. He'd wake up in the morning and wonder how he got there. He was like that until he was 13!

I watched a tv program about how deaf people 'hear' the photo ring, doorbell, smoke alarms, etc and it was a combination of flashing lights and vibrations but the best assistance was a dog! Kinda hard to sleep through a dog licking your face! :)



I can only imagine how worried this has you Sandra. Since I almost never sleep deeply (unless drugged by benadryl), the slightest move wakens me.

Is there a unit for deep sleepers that is available?


sandra, there have been a couple of "news" programs that showed kids sleeping through the fire alarm going off. We have one IN Ben's room and I would bet money that it would wake me up on the other side of the house before it would wake up Ben. It is scary. We were just talking about this last night...we were going over our "plan" if they were to wake up and their was a fire. I agree Scary!

Briana's Mom

I can definitely see your frustration. There are times when Briana is sleeping so soundly that I can yell and shake her and there is no waking her. It is kind of scary actually.


Sandra: Just to let you know, about 6 months ago are smoke alarm went off for no reason in the middle of the night. VERY LOUD- there is one in every room. My husband slept throught it, my 9 year old slept through it, and my 6 year slept through it. I don't know what you need to do for Jazzie, but many others should take from your post the need to check their smoke alarms and see if anyone in their house wakes up!!!


Sandra - my uncle s a fire capt in the Cinci area. Do you want me to see if he knows of anything to help? Would anyone at OVV be able to give suggestions?

On the other hand I thought I slept heavy...but apparently not like Jaz!


I'd be very worried too! Amazing what kids can sleep through. Hope you find a solution you can feel comfortable with.


I am a SUPER heavy sleeper. In college I would sleep through the fire alarm in the dorm that was outside my room and loud enough to wake the rest of the hallway.
Everyone told me that once I was a mom it would change - it didn't, I still sleep heavy. When Amelia first came home my dogs would jump on me when she would cry in the night, now I've taught her to shake me.
She and I have gone over fire safety several times because I know she is more likely to wake than I's part of the reason we still co-sleep.

Having said all of that - she will find ways to cope. One of my former co-workers was deaf and she had a service dog. He was able to alert her to the door bell, telephone, fire, etc. This is a great option, although when he passed away it was like losing a limb, thankfully she has the forethought to get a new dog and start training before he died. If you ever want to know about it, I can share her email address with you.


I am deaf myself and I used to sleep through those vibrating/light blinking alarms all the time as a child. I know many of my friends did also. However now that we're older we don't sleep through them as often.

Kids can sleep through just about anything!

Just an FYI. I'm not sure how powerful the vibrating part is of that particular smoke detector but there are stronger vibrators that you can order for deep sleepers.


I haven't got one of those yet, but our FD also offeres them. I sort of see the same scenario that you describe with Jazzie happening with Lindsi. They also make alarm clocks that shake the bed. Hopefully, as the girls get older, they will not sleep as soundly. Lindsi needs A LOT of sleep & I know it is because she expends so much more mental energy during the day trying to keep up with everything around her.
Post it here if you discover a solution. I'm hoping just age & maturity will correct the problem. If not, there is always a hearing trained dog........

Two Kayaks

Frustrating, for sure! Jazzie must be a very sound sleeper to sleep through that. The great thing is that Jazzie is growing up in a time of incredible advances in technology and she will be privy to the latest and greatest state of the art inventions that will make her life a little easier. That said, there will always be hiccups frustration.

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