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Thursday, September 10, 2009



I always thought of Amelia as more of a gymnast too - her muscle tone is much like Tahlia's (must have been something in the water in Yangchun).
She does enjoy dance though and it's actually pretty important if you think she's going to get serious about gynastics someday - think floor routine - balance beam, etc. Not that I think Amelia will ever be a serious anything - too goofy:)


I drop Erin off at school each day. She gives me a kiss & hug goodby & gets out of the car. Then she turns around & gives me an exra goodby. I love it!

I agree that Jazzie's spelling words are too simple for a 2nd grader. OTOH, her challenge words are cool. I like that the teacher is bringing her lesson about nutrition full circle.


Sarah got up with nightmares last night too!! She has not had one in a long time, but she was talking about things that didn't make any sense to me and crying at the same time. I held her for about 5 minutes and she fell right back to sleep.

WOW....those are some tough challenge words!!

PS. I agree....your Grandma was a very wise:)

shari dally ulrich

So, is she being challenged by the challenge words? If she is not; you should bypass grades 2-12 and go ahead and enroll her in Harvard!

I have an 11th grader who is in the high school marching band. (Which down here in the south is pretty serious business, for all ya'll northerners). I went early the other night to watch their practice for awhile before I brought him home. They were marching their show without their instruments and not once, but twice, he looked at me, smiled and waved. It just warmed my heart that he's glad to see me and isn't embarrassed or too cool to wave at his mom. Keep on hugging them at the bus stop and make sure you know how good it makes you feel.


Just to be clear the red list is not last weeks words and the green list this weeks words. That would be a fast ramp up. They are both for this week, the red are the normal words for the week. But since some kids already know the normal list, they instead get tested on the challenge list (green). Jazzie is just one of those shinning stars that get the green list.
Smiling dad


Glad to see that second grade in OH is pretty much the same as in FL.......

Easy math, easy words, & a challenge list. Although our challenge list only has 6 words!!


Holy cow! Those spelling words really ramped up quick "I" and "it"! :) LOL!

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