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Wednesday, September 09, 2009



Thank G-d you guys purchased that warranty!

Billy Koch

I know - I have been paying $100.00 a month for my warranty for my Cochlear. And I have gone a whole year so far *knock on wood* with no issues. Its sad it is so expensive and that insurance companies can't cover the cost of the warranty - it is not like a television where if it breaks (its not a necessity). But guess someone has to make some money!

I, also debated then decided to do it just to play it on the safe side. Because this is my only source of hearing. Hearing aids do not cut it for me.


Phew! Great decision! Sorry it broke but so happy you'd extended your warranty.


Great decision! Glad it was covered!


Ours come up for renewal in Nov. I HATE paying for that insurance. We haven't had to use it yet, but I know if we ever do, I'll be glad to NOT be paying the retail price on those processors.


Sweet Jesus! That was a GOOD decision!


Wow, now that was one good decision you made!

Tonggu Momma

Think of all the money you saved when you decided to not just play it by ear.

shari dally ulrich

YoWZa! That $800 was money well spent. Aren't you happy when those things work out in your favor?

Two Kayaks

PHEW!! That was a VERY good decision!


187.5% return in one week now that was a good investment.

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