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Monday, February 01, 2010



As a parent of a deaf child, I Love This post! I hope you can find a way of including a look back at the work you did with jazzie and what her progress was at that time at least one Monday a month. You are my inspiration and it helps to hear what you did, how you did it, and how you worked with Jazzie so hard and long to get her where she is today.
Thanks Glen


I love those pics, she was an adorable baby!

I hope this is not an intrusive question, but how did you realize that Jazzie was deaf? Did you realize it in China or after you had been home a while?

It is a true testament of devotion to your children how you became her champion, supporter, teacher and coach and what better reward for your efforts than such a loving, wonderful, thriving girl :)

Briana's Mom

I love seeing Jazzie so little! I can't imagine how much work it took to get Jazzie as far as she has come. You and Jazzie are both simply amazing!

Polar Bear

I had no idea the hours you also worked with Jazz. I knew that you worked with her, and were very dedicated to the process, but I didn't realize just how difficult it really was.

Both of you are amazing examples of what strength, dedication, and love can conquer. :o)


These pics are so adorable. All that hard work has resulted in an amazing little lady.
I hope your surgery and recovery goes well so you can get back to being supermom quickly!

Wanda (At Last...)

How inspiring. And what a lovely girl she has become - thanks to your total dedication. I'm so happy to read a bit of this history.

And what a good idea - memory Monday.

Wishing you the best with your health in the coming days.


The pictures brought back so many memories! I remember thinking back to our weekly yahoo chats & then going to websites. You & Matt amazed me with your dedication to Jazzie - not for any reason other than knowing that the path you'd been sent down was going to be difficult. I've always had faith that you guys would succeed. Jazzie isn't the only superstar in your family.


Look at how tiny she was. She seems tall now, but perhaps it's because she is next to Tahlia in so many photos.
It is truly amazing how far she has come and that she was placed with you and Matt with the best resources within miles...

She Writes

You are a good mama!




It is incredible where some very hard work, dedication, and determination can lead you...... She is an amazing child and your an amazing Mom!!


There is no doubt that all that devotion, along with Jazzie's own inner-strength, are the reasons why she is so successful.

It realy does help explain the PAD, too. I think you probably just hit empty. You can only give it all for so long. It appears that you have restored a wonderful balance to your life. Now to just get your health issues dealt with and on to more good stuff!


Wow. I love your dedication to your children. I can understand why, when Tahlia came, that you dealt with PAD. I too spent all my time with my older daughter and when we added our second one, it was a really hard adjustment for ME, not so much the kids. Thanks for blogging, you've helped me along my path more than you know:)

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