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Tuesday, March 09, 2010



Every girl has grown up with a Barbie, and Barbie has been grown with every girl.Every girl want to be like her.


We also got a GHB when we went to China a year ago to adopt our daughter. We chose to give ours to Love Without Boundries to sell on their online auction. It went for over $200.00 if I remember right and went toward funding heart surgery for one of their children they sponsor in China. Norah (our daughter) had her heart surgery while in China thanks to Love Without Boundries so it was a cause close to our hearts.



Okay, I'm going to be different than the rest of the responses. I agree they do have a different meaning now than they did when I received them in China, but, I'm still going to keep them for my girls when they get grown. Whatever they choose to do with them will be their own decision. I think they are special.

Stephe Higgins

Look what these are going for!!! Maybe you can beat their price and take the girls out for some fun adventure...

Stephe Higgins

Are you sure they are still not fetching any $ on ebay. I thought for sure they would...still. Stephe


I think like one of the other posters mentioned it is a milestone. One step closer to your child in the adoption journey. But once you have your daughter it fades into the background. I certainly would not criticize anyone for being happy about the Barbie, as it probably signifies you made it to China, especially since it will be several more years for some prospective adoptive parents.


The White Swan still gives out Going Home Barbie. I was there last month adopting my second daughter and we received GHB on our first full day at the hotel.

I immediately let my daughter open it and play with it (my second daughter was 4 1/2 at adoption and was eager to play with a doll). I decided to shun the "don't open it, it is a collectors item" way of thinking because I had done that with my fisrt daughter's adoption in 2003. As a result, we'd have at least one GHB to sell on ebay someday.

Like many others responding, Barbie annoys me, too.


Becky B

Yep - ours are BOTH still in their boxes - but you make me think too -they may as well enjoy them!!!


They are supposedly collectible in that there are special collector's numbers on each box. But the truth is that it's Barbie, and Barbie is sold almost everywhere so the Going Home Barbie is really -in the whole scope of things- nothing super special because in a bind I bet you make your own GHB with a regular Barbie and a little baby doll. I am Chi-Am descent and I adopted from China and stayed at the WS. When we came back I studied the GH Barbie and was a bit peeved that it didn't reflect me at all, the Barbie is a Caucasian woman with an Asian baby. So I opened it, took a black Sharpie marker to its hair until it was all black. (Then I put it back into the box -that was when I saw the numbers.) I'm almost positive that NO ONE will want to purchase mine on eBay now [chuckle] -ah well, so it means I'll have to work a couple extra years past my ideal retirement age.

Donna (Double Happiness)

Our agency never stays at the White Swan so getting one of these was impossible. Not that I really cared though. Barbie has always annoyed me just a little bit.

Sorry it's not worth something on ebay though. You could buy something useful with $281 or make a really nice charitable contribution!


Christy Bailey

Wen and I found hers when we were looking for Chinese New Year clothes I had bought. I bought several sizes cheaply when I was there. I let her open it. She really could care less...



I have two. My older daughter asked to open hers and I let her. I don't think my younger daughter is aware she has one. I may need to check with her to see if she wants the box opened up. I remember feeling sad when Elizabeth wanted to play with hers. Now I find it doesn't hold the importance it once did.


I think it is cute how they give these to you at the White Swan and see how at the time they could mean the world to someone. It is like a milestone.

I also see how it can fade over time the importance of a Barbie when you get to see the beautiful faces of your daughters.

I totally get it.

I wouldn't sell it though, but I would let my daughters play with it if they wanted.

Not too big of Barbie fan in general here, never really got into it.


I found Amelia's in a basket in her closet last month and was having the same thoughts.
If I could sell it I would, I'd put the money toward our trip to China. I think that will mean WAY more to her in the long run.

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