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Monday, August 29, 2011



To me, the boxes that the games come in as well as storage containers take up way too much real estate. I use gallon size zip lock bags for the game pieces/instructions and fold the game board in half and put a label on it. I can fit 1520 games in one credenza drawer; works for puzzles too. Just save the picture from the front of the box and put it inside the bag.

Have fun. This has worked for me for over 40 years.


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Berta Hargrove

Berta Hargrove

I really enjoy while I read your blogs and articles.


The boxes in the pictures are from Ikea. I have no idea if they still carry them but I bought them ages ago. They stack perfectly!


Those look like Ikea containers...I love those in my classroom!


You could even use clear school pencil boxes. Makes great for playing in the car. So doing this!


I work in an after school program and we use the containers that lunch meat come in... I had not thought about putting the box on the outside...then again the boxes are clear...


these would be perfect for my sons different lego sets he has! Thanks for the idea!


I need to find the right boxes for this. I don't have babies any more and don't buy the boxes but the dollar store will have something in stock I am sure.
I can't wait to do this. It will make it so much easier to take along camping as well.

Amie Norris

I also like this idea for board games. Right now we put all the pieces and directions in a zipper bag, and write the name of the game on the back of the board in silver Sharpie. Then we toss the box. Saves tons of space. But, bins are better that zipper bags!


Can I ask where did u get these containers :) Thanks for sharing


totally brilliant idea!! ;)


That is a fantastic idea. I think I am going to pin this as well.

Cariann McCready

I have a stash of Old Baby wipe containers , I'm going to start labeling them for games... as we find the pieces for that game we can put it in the box.


Old wipes containers would work great too. And be free.

Courtney Dean

I've also seen the travel soap containers used. Convenient & cheap! You can find them at the dollar store.

Also the Life card game is really fun too :)


These are SO on my next Ikea shopping trip list!


I'm thinking of using old baby wipe containers to save a little money. Great idea!


so wish I had an IKEA close by :-)

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