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Saturday, December 29, 2012



I love having that connection with my travel family too. We live in different states which makes it hard to get together as you can imagine but have had 1 major reunion.

Parris & I are thinking about taking Erin & Lei Lei to nY for a weekend next week. We're hoping that the girls feel a connection too.


We are also lucky to be able to visit with some of our travel mates! Tahlia and her friend look sooooo much alike! Happy New Year!


The bond between China Sisters and their families is like no other. How funny that Jazzie and one of her friends even wore the same colour.

Debbie Nicholson

Yes, I agree....they do look alike! What a special bond they all have, Sandra


Looks like a wonderful time! That's awesome the girls have stayed in touch all these years. Tahlia and the younger daughter of your friends look like they could be sisters.

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